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Kammy Kelton, MA

Kammy Kelton, MA is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Waterbury, Vermont. Prior to starting her practice in 2000, she spent a decade working in community based and private mental health organizations. This included residential treatment, home-based family therapy, and therapy and clinical coordination at O.U.R. House, a child
advocacy center specializing in the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Kammy’s private practice focuses on adults and adolescents presenting with a variety of concerns and challenges. She applies systems thinking to help clients strengthen themselves and their families. Kammy received a certificate of advanced training in Bowen theory from VCFS in 2020, after completing 3 years of the VCFS professional training program. She has made public presentations on Bowen theory, including topics such as launching young adults by launching oneself,  strength based exploration of family of origin patterns, and the impact of family of origin work on her work as a therapist.

Kammy Kelton, MA, LLC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

PO  Box 242

Waterbury Center, Vermont 05677

(802) 522-4041

[email protected]