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Cultivating Non-Anxious Presence

VCFS Faculty member Erik Thompson has been organizing Transcendental Meditation® retreats for a number of years now, with certified TM teachers. We offer one and/or two day online retreats, as well as an annual week-long retreat. The purpose of these simple retreats is to stabilize non-anxious presence. 

These retreats have emphasized Transcendental Meditation® for the following reasons: 

    • Quality of research on TM® for peer-reviewed published studies.
    • TM® training is standardized globally
    • TM® is easy to learn and stick with
    • Personal validation: Erik Thompson has practiced it for decades

Participants have learned the TM® technique from a certified teacher prior to joining.

LEARNING TM®: TM® teachers are available globally and can be located here: Find a TM® Teacher. In Vermont, TM® can be learned by contacting Janet or Dr. Edwards Smith at [email protected]. To learn more about TM®, click or contact Erik Thompson at [email protected]