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July Moonlight Retreat

Friday, July 29 – Saturday, July 30, 2022
10 am – 6:30 pm
Register for One Day or Both Days
Facilitated by
Laurent Valosek & Jeremy Blitz-Jones, Certified TM® Teachers
With Erik Thompson, MA

People have various associations with the word retreat. This one doesn’t involve a lot of talking, socializing, discomfort, or listening to lectures. It’s a structured, online, comfortable day of extended Transcendental Meditation® practice with an emphasis on silence and rest. Participants should be able to take the full day off in a comfortable, undistracted place.

Quotes from previous participants:

  • “I can’t remember when I felt this rested.”
  • “This was more nourishing than I expected.”
  • “I felt more resilient for weeks afterward.”
  • “My meditations in the weeks after were more silent.”
  • “I had more physical energy.”
  • “I found myself reaching out with kindness to people I crossed paths with…whether I know them or not.”
  • “I feel more of the general happiness I am used to experiencing but have been missing lately due to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.”